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MOLM shows you how to Mindfully Approach Torts Essays on the Florida Bar Exam!

Ellie walks you through the Torts essay process, taking a closer look at ways you can improve your issue spotting (and writing) skills on the essay portion of the Florida Bar Exam. 

There are several short videos for an approximate total time of 55 mins. There are also several quizzes to complete covering black letter law. 

Access to course is for 60 days from date of purchase or first day of bar exam (whichever comes first). 

** This is not meant to be a substitute for your commercial course. This is a supplement to enhance your learning and test-taking techniques and strategies. The subject covered is Torts and of course, it is not all inclusive as this is not a substitute for a commercial course. Access to course expires 60 days from date of purchase**

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What People Are Saying:

I truly believe that Mind Over Legal Matter is the best investment you can make to pass ANY state bar exam! This program is design to fully place you above the curve on all essays. The instructor will give you the “ins and out” of the state exam, as well as typical patterns to be on the lookout for. She will help you master issue spotting both for state specific topics as well as MBE topics. I give 100% credit to this program for helping me pass the Florida section of the bar exam. I fully recommend Mind Over Legal Matter!

Melissa Alzate, Esquire

The best thing that helped me was the mini outlines for each possible topic. Even if its one essay, go over EACH testable topic. I failed to do that the first time, and I was devastated when I got two essay topics I had never reviewed. This time, THANKS TO THE CLASS I was able to go over topics I probably would have skipped before. I scored over average on EVERY essay. I truly feel had I not taken the class I would not have done as well as I did. Your teaching style works well with everyone. We were all able to follow along, and take valuable information with us from each topic. Ive recommended the class to everyone I know who is taking July’s Florida portion. I wish you taught an MBE class, I would totally take that!!!!!

Jennifer Purvis, Esquire